Analysis Of Ray Bradbury 's Chapter 9 : It 's More Than Just Rain Or Snow

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As Foster mentions in Chapter 9: It 's More Than Just Rain or Snow, weather can define a story. Weather has the ability to add an otherwise unknown or invisible mood that the writer wants the readers to feel. Weather is used in stories as more than just simply part of the setting. As Foster says,"Weather is never just weather." By this he is saying that the weather means something, it is symbolizing something of a greater meaning. Ray Bradbury is an author who is able to tell his stories incredibly well through the use of the weather. Specifically, he uses weather to portray the role of a renewal of spirit and hope. Bradbury allows the weather to take over and tell his story for him in the short story, ¨The Day it Rained Forever¨. ¨The Day it Rained Forever¨ is a short story that takes place in a hotel abandoned to all except for three older gentleman, including an owner and two other men. The two other men have been living in the hotel for thirty years. For the past twenty-one of those thirty years, the men have not had to pay any sort of rent whatsoever. The hotel is in the middle of a desert and a ghost town that only gets rain once every twelve months, or year. The three men, Mr. Terle, Mr. Fremley, and Mr. Smith, have discovered that the only day rain ever falls at the hotel is on January 29th. Other than January 29th, their one day of rain, the men find living in this desert practically unbearable with the insane levels of heat. On January 28th, the day before the…

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