Essay on Analysis Of Ravitch 's ' The Story Of An Idea '

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Ravitch’s chapter “The Story of an Idea”, the author discusses how all children should receive the same education values. As parents and educators, we all want our children to receive a strong educational background. School of choice gives parents options of schools. Ravitch seems to be an advocate for all children right to learn. One debate Ravitch debates of catholic schools receiving federal funding. Catholic schools should not receive federal government funds to help their students. In addition, how can vouchers transfer to charter schools?
The story of an Idea starts out with Ravitch discussing the way she went to school when she was younger. Ravitch went to her neighborhood schools. Furthermore, Ravitch stated the only time neighborhood kids went to private schools is when they were in trouble. Private schools in her days were used as a punishment. Private education was reflected as an alternative for children who misbehaved in public schools. However, in today’s society, private schools are highly regarded in our society. Now attending a private is a privilege. In addition, Ravitch stated she went to a Catholic school and those children who were trouble makers attended her school because they were kicked out of public schools. This solution did not set well with Ravitch. The ideas was for students to attend another seemed wrong. These kids were a distraction and according to Ravitch it was not fair for the students who wanted to learn.
The story of…

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