Essay on Analysis Of Rana Begum 's Artwork

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Rana Begum’s artwork, entitled No.529, is a sculptural wall installation made out of carefully arranged, powder-coated aluminum slats; the left side of each slat is coated in florescent paint. The piece is both organized and chaotic, depending on the angle in which it is viewed. Its sheer size compels the viewer to move, from left to right, across the artwork. The composition and viewer interaction of No.529 are representative of daily life and the decisions people are forced to make.
No.529 is an extremely large installation, measuring about fifteen feet in length and five to six feet in height. It hangs in the front window of the Gutstein gallery, demanding attention from passers-by. The artwork itself is constructed of alternating hollowed aluminum slats—two slats are placed vertically, one on top of the other, followed by a single vertical slat, placed to the center-right. This alternation of slats is repeated thirty times, creating a row of undulating towers. The left side of each slat is painted in florescent pink or green in alternating order across the artwork. Due to the powder coating, the colors reflect off of the slat to the left to create a rainbow of neons and pastels. Though the sides of No.529 burst with color, the front of each slat is stark-white—this creates the illusion of vertical white lines hovering above rear-projected colors, when viewed standing directly in front of the artwork. Depending on how the gallery light and natural light hits the…

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