Essay Analysis Of Ralph Waldo Emerson 's Self Reliance

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Selfie, a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone and shared via social media. The youth of contemporary America have a social life that revolves around Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube or any virtual community people can share and exchange information on. Ralph Waldo Emerson, unlike the current 21st century American youth, celebrated the independent individual and scorned self-centered assertions and immature narcissism in his memorable essay “Self-Reliance”. Emerson would condemn the “selfie” generation as the best way to express one’s identity, one’s true self and its narcissistic ideals. The term “selfie” is an accurate portrayal of the contemporary American social youth. With an increase in technology, social media reigns over the identities of the youth. People constantly tweet, IM, share, post, pin and vine, to express their thoughts and feelings. While doing so, other people respond to those thoughts and share their opinions. People’s online personas become their identity overtime. Who you are online and what you post become a vital part of what people see in you. If in fact you are the same person online as you are in person, then your “selfies” and posts are your identity. But not all people are honest and “true” on their Internet profiles. Some people hide behind these profiles to speak their mind, harass or bully without facing any tangible consequences. Ralph Waldo Emerson would condemn the use of social…

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