Analysis Of Ralph Ellison 's ' The Battle Royal ' Essay

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Playing a Role to Be Successful Attaining freedom does not mean one has achieved equality. The civil war ended enslavement; however, African Americans still experienced discrimination. Ralph Ellison discusses this topic in his narrative “Battle Royal” which depicts the life of a youthful African American post-civil war. Ralph Ellison’s “invisible man” was a youthful African-American who had to manage persecution to endure in his current time. Ralph Ellison utilizes images, themes, and symbols in “Battle Royal” with a specific end goal to enhance the depiction of the life of a youthful African-American male who makes an effort to achieve scholarly progress while being mistreated by his white partners. Symbolism is utilized in numerous parts of this short story; however, the most affecting point where symbolism is utilized is in the ballroom where the battle royal happens. Amid the battle royal, Ellison is portraying the scenery whereupon the “Invisible Man” is compelled to battle with kindred comrades who truly hate him despite the fact that they are fellow African Americans. Ellison clarifies the inclinations of vulnerability as the “Invisible Man” got hit from all directions and attempted to endure the match with minor injuries as possible. This is an awesome utilization of symbolism because it demonstrated the extreme cruelty of African Americans during the time. In a sense, all the people who were part of the battle royal are hungry for success and know it is…

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