Analysis Of Queer And The Spiritual Experience In Satyal's Blue Boy

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Queer and the Spiritual Experience
Regarding religiosity and spiritual experience, these two elements can indeed bring a person inside the LGBTQIA community into a better understanding of themselves and take the individual into a greater state of awareness and being “one” with society and the world; so stating that a spiritual experience can give any person greater awareness, or truth, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. In Satyal’s Blue Boy, we see how the protagonist Kiran embodies the idea of both defying the cultural norms he lives in, and in the end gaining a greater sense of awareness of himself and how he fits into his social element thanks to the spiritual experience he encounters towards the end of the story.
In Blue Boy the protagonist Kiran, is a boy who likes to put on makeup, play with dolls, does ballet, and goes against the norms of the heteronormative culture. Heteronormativity is a “belief that heterosexuality is normal, which implicitly positions homosexuality and bisexuality as abnormal and thus inferior”
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It is in this moment where Kiran begins to dive deeper into an understanding of himself and all of a sudden meditating deeply and for the first time in a very long time feeling genuinely happy, a feeling he has not felt in a long time. This realization showed Kiran how he where he belongs because of the deep spiritual nature of the experience and how this revelation grants him a greater sense of peace both in relation to the upcoming talent show and because of the discovery of this knowledge and understanding not known prior

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