Analysis Of `` Pyramids `` By Frank Ocean And Black Girl Lost ``

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How can the view of a person held up so high be degraded in just a matter of a few actions? Women have changed in the way they are perceived and the way they are being carried when compared to prior time periods. It could be because of the constant betrayals but also the attitude men have toward women. When analyzing “Pyramids” by Frank Ocean and “Black Girl Lost” by Nas we see the same perspective in both songs or poems. The modern day black women has fallen in a downward spiral from the grace and glory in which they were held in the past. Frank Ocean brings so much with the different elements he put into his project to help understand and relate the two parts of his poem. One of the elements being the themes that emerge; such as love, evolution, and value. In the first half of the poem, Cleopatra 's king has shown a deep concern because of the disappearance of his beloved queen. Sadly, it is later revealed that her disappearance was due to her betrayal of their relationship. In comparison, the second part of the poem talks about ‘modern day Cleopatra’ and the man that has always been in love with her, even after her deceitful actions which comes with being “turned out” by a pimp and also being the iconic stripper who works at a club, ironically called The Pyramid. Our great kings and queens which were once dignified and powerful have evolved into people with no values. Cleopatra 's actions in the past basically follows through to present day. Where she ends up, which is…

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