Copper Iodide Lab Report

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Pure Copper Iodide were synthesised and the mass percentage of Copper in purified Copper (I) Iodide sample were determined by applying Beer’s Law in UV-Vis spectroscopy. Absorbance value of Cu-cuprizone solution was measured. Using the absorbance value of 0.3576 , the concentration of the Cu-cuprizone solution were obtained at 0.001389g/L with reference to the graph of the standard solution A to D. The graph of absorbance against concentration of the standard solution A to D shows a linear relationship hence absorbance is proportional to the concentration. This concentration obtained would be used for the calculation of the mass percentage of copper in purified CuI. The percentage mass of copper in purified CuI were then compared with the theoretical …show more content…
10g of KI in 15ml of deionised water were warmed. Suction filtration was carried out. Hot KI was used to wash the residue. While stirring the filtrate, 200ml of deionised water were added. The beaker was left in an ice bath for 10 minutes. The solution was then decanted. After weighing a centrifuge tube, add 10ml of ethanol to the suspension in the tube. 2ml of ethanol washings in the beaker were transferred to the centrifuge tube. Centrifugation was carried out once for ethanol and twice more for diethyl ether. Centrifuge tube was then placed into a 60oC water bath for 15 minutes. The mass of purified CuI was weighed and recorded.
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40mg of purified CuI was weighed and was added into a solution of 6ml of 5M of NH4OH and 200ml of water. Solution was transferred to 250ml volumetric flask. Ph was adjusted to 8-9 by adding 6 drops of 10% ammonium citrate. 1ml of solution was dispensed from a burette. 2ml of 10% ammonium citrate and 10ml of deionised water were added. 10 drops of 5M of NH4OH and 3ml of 0.1% cuprizone solution were added. Solution was transferred to a 25ml volumetric flask, UV-VIS absorption spectrum of 400-700nm was carried out and absorbance were measure at 600nm.
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