Analysis Of ' Project Classroom Makeover ' By Cathy Davidson Essay

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Ever since the existence of civilization, a fine boundary exists between human’s self-motivation and the expectation of social mechanism. As society progresses, this boundary is being gradually pushed against the will of individuals and favors the social construct. Unlike how people in the past were often inspired by their individual desires and goals, members of the new generation develop a perception of success that is heavily bounded by society’s expectations. Nonetheless, there are still individuals who are also motivated by their own values and dreams. These people are willing to step outside of the realm of ‘standard success’ and strive for what constitutes as success in their opinion. The following texts- “Project Classroom Makeover” by Cathy Davidson, “Biographies of Hegemony” by Karen Ho, and “An Army of One, Me” by Jean Twenge- all demonstrate the conflicts and consequences of social construct and self-desires on our perceptions of success. While social construct influences many people’s judgment of success, there are always self-motivated individuals who are willing to take a risk and to challenge society’s narrow definition of success.
Although social construct has a consistent influence over people’s understanding of success, its influence has become more and more apparent with an increasingly narrow definition of success. Current society creates a very limited and rigid definition of success and maps out the exact route to such success step by step. In her…

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