Analysis Of ' Pride And Prejudice ' By Jane Austen Essay example

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Evolution of Mr. Darcy

Pride and Prejudice, a novel by Jane Austen, manifest the problem of first perception vs. reality of character. We have trouble getting past what we see on the outside than what we get on the inside. In other words, we make our first impression our only impression. We always judge others on how they dress, on wealth, how others speak, and attitude toward others. Throughout the 1800s, perception is the enemy that people fall victim too. Darcy is a prime example of how perception can affect someone life. Darcy is the victim, but he’s also used perception toward others. The first perception isn’t always clear but the illusion takes place instead of letting reality come into play. Darcy in the novel will learn and grow from perception and reality. The reality of character is disguised by perception. If we disguised perception then we will live by perception. If we truly see the reality of others, we would have less chance of people feeling alone. Darcy feels alone until he meets Elizabeth. We have to stop going through the view of perception and start going through the view of reality. Then we can have more peace and less judgmental issues. In the end revealing oneself is a better reality than living through a life full of perception. Mr. Darcy has a problem with first perception and the reality of character. Mr. Darcy is a Christian and wealthy, which he appeals to everyone. Mr. Darcy a man who appeals to women by his pride but is uninterested with…

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