Analysis Of President Kennedy 's Moon Speech Essay example

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Analysis of President Kennedy’s moon speech The moon speech was given by President Kennedy on the 25th of May 1961. During the speech, President Kennedy announced the national goal which was landing on the moon and returning to Earth safely. He also indicated that this goal would be one of the most difficulty and impressive in the history of exploring the space. Landing on the moon was also one of the most remarkable events of mankind. President Kennedy used ethos and pathos effectively in the speech, which made the speech one of the greatest speech in the history. A couple of months before the speech, The Soviet Union sent the first man to the space. At that time, Soviet Union was likely to have more advantages in space competition between the Soviet Union and America. However, several months later, this speech was given to the congress before the joint session of Congress. The purpose of the speech was seeking the funding support from Congress to launch the new space program. The new space program was like a challenge to the Soviet Union on the space exploration. A whole new space program was been announced during the speech, which was the moon landing program. The goal was about sending people to the surface of moon and returning them back safely in 1960s. At that time, landing on the moon was definitely an ambitious goal for The United State and NASA because nobody had done that before in the history of human. In the speech, the President Kennedy shows great…

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