Essay on Analysis of Power and Politics Within Healthcare

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Analysis of Power and Politics within Healthcare Organizations

Dolores Metoyer

Ashford University
Analysis of Power and Politics within Healthcare Organizations

Power and politics are natural in every type of organizations. Organizational performances hinges on the political makeup of the organization, and the people that holds the power within the organization. ( Influence is usually exerted through the use of this power and is usually associated with the primary mission and vision of the organization. (Johnson 2009) Political ideas, economy and health care sometimes acts as precursors to conflict. Power facilitates the influence health care organizations experiences, and
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In contrast to mid-level managers exerting power to build up the organization, there are individuals that can change the frame work or direction of the organization. These individuals seek to become the CEO or top brass of the organization. Just as line leaders exert power for their benefit, strategic candidates will make plans that draw groups to cluster around their ideas of mergers separating the alliances that would cause conflict and separation within the alliance. (Johnson 2009) The game of strategic candidates is the most common game to affect organizational change. Candidates are selected on the basis of their technical competence. An individual or group sees a strategic change, by going through the system legitimately, and then influence its own project or proposals as a “strategic candidate”. The relative unstructured decision making process involves the strategic decision that encourages attempts made through political influence. Although through this process, strategic candidates are promoted, through channels of influence, they are supported for non-legitimate reasons (i.e. defeating rivals, or facilitating empire building). (Shortel & Kaluzny )

A powerful political game that health care professionals may pursue to inhibit action within the organization and to prevent termination of a popular staff member, is a game of leverage with powerful information to stop action that would be detrimental to the workforce. The whistle

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