Analysis Of Postman 's ' Postman ' Essay example

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Postman’s overarching idea is that the television has changed not only the way in which news is presented to the public, but also that it has changed the very way we think. Although his book has two parts, I would like to divide it into three. First, Postman writes about the nature of information and how it relates to both the medium that is conveying it and the audience that is receiving it. Next, Postman takes us through a brief history of the multiple revolutions in communication as well as focusing in on how our own nation’s has changed due to its communication revolution. He finishes in his present day to tell us how the television has affected everything from politics to education. Mainly in the second chapter, Postman argues that different forms of communication are inherently biased. Whether we want to believe it or not, the message varies whether we relay it orally, typographically, or visually. He puts it best in his parable of attempting to argue philosophic ideas via smoke signals. Continuing in the second chapter, we explore the ways in which people seek truth. Judgment has changed drastically over the course of history, from the old man memorizing the saying of old to the lawyer of current day. Even now we still have varying stances on truth. The driving force for the Epistemology for a culture has been its media, and therefore the medium of the media. Now, we go back in time as Postman takes us through the communication revolutions and their effects. The…

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