Analysis Of Porphyria 's Lover By Robert Browning Essays

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The perspective of a work of literature changes from the first time you set your eyes on it. My point of view of the poem Porphyria’s Lover by Robert Browning changed drastically from the beginning of this research project till now. As I looked into information over this poem and different aspects about it, I began to have more of an open mind towards it and understand the true meaning behind it. I learned that poetry has more to it that just the words that were printed on the page. It allowed me to read literature in a more mature manner and understand the text not just read it. At first, I did not enjoy the poem and I wish I had chosen another poem, but now I realize that this poem has a very significant meaning behind it and it was very enjoyable to analyze. This research project helped me appreciate works of literature a lot more and carefully analyze an author’s works. The poem allowed me to understand that things are viewed differently by different people. For instance, its main theme that had to deal with love was viewed in a completely different way than many people would look at it. Love in this poem was perceived as a bad influence and it showed that it could cause harm sometimes rather than only being caring and loving. Even though the love seemed to do harm, it still showed to be a strong connection between two individuals and they were close (Marr Web). The intimacy that is described in the poem shows that the two individuals truly loved each other, although…

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