Analysis Of Pope Francis 's ' The ' God ' Essay

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#194 “Jesus taught us this way of looking at others by his words and his actions. So why cloud something so clear? We should not be concerned simply about falling into doctrinal error, but about remaining faithful to this light-filled path of life and wisdom. For “defenders of orthodoxy are sometimes accused of passivity, indulgence, or culpable complicity regarding the intolerable situations of injustice and the political regimes which prolong them”. Pope Francis challenges everyone to this simplicity. He is calling out those in leadership of the Church who are complacent with just the status quo as they are too worried about the tradition instead of acknowledging what is going on around them. By addressing leadership Pope Francis is setting a tone for us all. We too have become blinded or dare I say numb to the injustices that are occurring in our world because we are caught up in our cocoons. This entire exhortation is based on the fact that Jesus has set the human example and had taught us how to live. In that example there is much Joy, but if we complicate or overanalyze every step we have polluted the very Gospel we are called to uphold. I refer back to my initial response, it is important to use the gift of our humanity when evangelizing. We can relate to each other. Being human is a beautiful gift from God, as he calls us his children. There are many times in our parish that we have people who are uncomfortable in dealing with certain issues. God knows…

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