Essay on Analysis Of Poem ' Dover Beach '

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Vincent Signorile
Dr. Jackson
EN 226-02
24 October 2016
“Dover Beach”
“Dover Beach” is a poem written by Mathew Arnold. It is a four-stanza poem in which the first stanza has fourteen lines, the second has six lines, the third has eight lines, and the fourth has nine lines. It can be noticed that if you flip the poem sideways, the words go up and down, just like waves do. “Dover Beach” does not contain the normal rhyme scheme, as only stanzas two and four have a rhyme scheme. Stanza two’s rhyme scheme is ABACBC, while stanza four’s is ABBACDDCC. The lines in the poem have a sad drearily meaning to it, which describes them like beauty, religion, sadness, and humanity. It also provides the reader with a sense of imagery, allusions, and analogies.. There are many key words that trigger imagery in the brains of those reading “Dover Beach.” At first glance, someone might think that the poem is going to be peaceful and calm due to it’s title, but upon further reading, that person would be able to see that Arnold has chosen to a write a much somber poem. “Dover Beach”, overall is about religion and the restoration of religion into humanity.
“Dover Beach” is put in the order that it is in for a specific reason. This reason is to open up the poem with an image of the beach that can be related to religion (Arnold line 1). The poem achieves its goal by starting off this way. Arnold conveys his point by saying that religion has been lost, relating it to the ocean, “retreating…

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