Analysis Of Plato's Trial And Death Of Socrates

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While reading Plato’s Trial and Death of Socrates, I felt like I understood what Socrates was trying to say for the most part. I couldn’t bring myself to really like this book, but I do think that Socrates was a person who tried to speak the truth of what he proudly stood against before ending his life during his trial. In his defense, I think he was the only person who tried to speak up for everyone about his own critical thinking and encouraged the majority to ask questions, but as a society at the time, who were indifferent to ideas other than their own, had Socrates accused for an outrageous idea or doing. In which, my reaction paper will be about Socrates mentioning his beliefs during his trial, how I thought his trial was unnecessary …show more content…
Socrates never said that his ideas were right to anything, but I feel that Socrates felt the law of Athens was unfair and needed to be changed and so it led to Socrates trying to stand up for the better good that he believed in and giving his life during the trial. “For this fear of death is indeed the pretence of wisdom, and not real wisdom, being the appearance of knowing the unknown; since no one knows whether death, which they in their fear apprehend to be the greatest evil, may not be the greatest good.”. I believe that he does not care exactly how it will be changed if the problems goes away after the change. I feel the fact that Socrates fully knows well, there is a good chance he will be put on trial and be sentenced to death if he breaks the laws of worshipping other gods than Athens and corrupting the youth. However, his goal was to exploit these problems and the best way to do that was through demonstration. I think if a person is once put on trial, he knows his punishment will be death, no matter how innocent he is concerned with the law of Athens. Throughout the trials of Socrates, he arguments doesn’t make much sense, but I know for a fact that Socrates wasn’t trying to be let free of this trial. He wants to be punished and then accept the punishment which I feel like I’m reading a superhero book or something because this makes him seem like a hero of some sort. Anyways, Socrates knows that the only way Athens will see they are wrong is if they watch him die and realize the punishment did not fit the crime, and notice the fact that there was no crime committed at

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