Analysis Of Plato 's Allegory Of The Cave Essay

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The journey to a philosophical way of thought In class, one of the assignments was to watch a video called Plato’s Allegory Of The Cave. While watching the video, a voice spoke as the story unfolded describing animated prisoners chained from their necks and bodies to a rail where they could only watch a wall in front of them to never be able to see what was around. On that wall their shadows were displayed. Over time, the fire from a distance would continue and someone would begin to maneuver puppet like figurines behind the on-going fire where it shaped shadows that were reflected on to the wall. While all of this is occurring, the prisoners believed the shadows to be real. Later on, a prisoner is released and allowed to see the world around him for what it truly is and when he returns to the prisoners to tell them about his experience, they reject him. The released prisoner, sees life the way it should be seen in the eyes of a human, however, the other prisoners remain in the cave dealing with the reality they have always seen and understood as real. Plato’s allegory of the cave foreshadows how everyday issues are caused and depicts the challenges people must go through in life. Plato’s allegory is significant because it shows how human perception can be deceived, opens up what reality can truly be and allows for the readers and viewers to experience a philosophical mood. In the textbook, Palmer discusses Plato’s Simile of the Line, where Plato creates a distinction…

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