Analysis Of Pico Iyer 's ' Where Is Home ' Essay

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Before 1980’s, globalization was not commonly existed because technology and transportation had not advanced to stimulate people to have cultural exchanges. In the reading, “Where is home”, Pico Iyre talks about his grandparents didn’t have much opportunities to explore or learn about other cultures. Things were set at their births like the community that they were in and culture that they were practicing. (Iyer, 2003, par.7) With rapid development of technology, globalization was formed, and it drives to increase personal choices. I believe that globalization allows you to determine a sense of belonging. Moreover, I also think that globalization is changing culture because it creates chances for you to follow your true self such as what cultures you value the most, and what religion you believe in. Globalization provides opportunities for us to choose our sense of belonging. The term of belonging not only refers to a physical subject, but it also refers to things that go deep inside our hearts. For example, Pico Iyer exposes himself to many different places, such as England, the United States, and Japan. Offering cultural diversity, he has a sense of belonging toward Japan where goes deepest inside him. Moreover, he defines that belonging is whatever carried inside him. (Iyer, 2003) When you have a sense of belonging to somethings, you are making little changes to the culture by challenging the old way of thinking. Cultures should be open up to everyone to practice, and…

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