Analysis Of Philly Rec Fest At The Carousel House Recreation Center

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Philly Rec Fest On September 27, 2014 I attended the Philadelphia Rec Fest at the Carousel House Recreation Center. It held activities for people with or without physical limitations including wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, rock climbing, and even scuba diving! I volunteered for this event rather than the other 5 events because I wanted to contribute to helping the people in our city of Philadelphia. It was amazing to see how many people came out to not only support the event, but also to participate. I was involved in the registration portion of the event first. I was in charge of making sure the people who were participating signed a disclosure in order for people to post pictures of them without getting sued. I thought this was a great section to start out participating in because I got to meet people who have a physical limitation as well as their family members. I also thought it was great that this event was free of charge, that they did not have to pay a fee to participate. This makes it better because anyone can come and participate and to learn about disability awareness without the limitations of cost. It was a variety of ages from young children to the elderly. I was then released after two hours to go eat lunch with the $5.00 voucher they gave to volunteers and to also participate in some of the events. I was extremely interested in wheelchair rugby and wheelchair basketball because in my other class called Communications and Disability we had to…

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