Analysis Of Phaedrus ' View Of Point, Honor, Respect And Sacrifice

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Phaedrus believed that Love was the eldest of the Gods, and that made him the mightiest. His viewpoint on love is that when a person falls in love he/she should do anything to make the object of their love happy. I still believe that his theory on love can be applied to the modern day, now more so than before. As Phaedrus explains, Chaos is the only god that is older than Love. That makes sense because after Chaos, Love is needed to get things back on track. The world now is full of complications and problems which prompts many people to interact with each other and find solutions. In the process, people are beginning to travel more, and they are getting exposed to other people’s cultures and the way they show and express their love. In Phaedrus’ view of point, Honor, Respect and sacrifice can still be applied in today’s culture. There are many religious books that speak of honor. The Bible says you should honor thy mother and father; with honor, then, comes love. You cannot really honor someone if there isn’t some form of love there. In modern times, we see this played out in different ways. When someone gets married, they are taught to honor their vows because that’s what makes a successful marriage. When a lot of celebrity couples get caught in cheating scandals they are shamed and are always seen apologizing to their spouses publicly because of the sense of shame that they have brought to their spouse.
When we are young we are taught to respect our parents more so…

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