Analysis Of Peter The Great And His Curiosity With Respect At The Military And Technological Innovations

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Assignment 2
Complete the following questions and turn in assignment 2 via Sakai and outlook.
Read chapter 3 (pp. 46-71) and answer the following questions. Please, don 't copy from the book; explain your answers using your own words:
1. Explain the background of Peter the Great and his curiosity with respect to the military and technological innovations. What did he do to fight Russia 's military backwardness? Peter the Great used different international specialists to learn different skills, specializing in military skills. He learned how to fire artillery, in additional to building and sailing ships, and this was in his childhood. As he grew, so did his knowledge about military strategies. Although some of his decisions resulted in great losses to the Russian military, he knew he had to address the “backwardness” of the Russian military. He wanted to send people, himself included, to European countries, as they were the one who proved more technologically advanced. This became known as the “grand embassy” and had about 250 people within this 18-month expedition. The result of this tour was not only European technology and technique, as Peter became increasingly interesting in the lifestyle and customs of the Europeans.
2. Explain the Julian calendar and its differences with respect to the Gregorian calendar. The Julian calendar was adopted by Peter the Great, despite the higher accuracy of the Gregorian calendar. The Gregorian calendar lead the Julian calendar by 11…

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