Analysis Of Pete Rozelle 's Night Football Essay

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Pete Rozelle saw a possibility for higher ratings, by airing at least one Primetime game during the week, in the past the NFL tried to air on Friday nights, but critics said it would take away audiences from High School football games. That is when Pete Rozelle decided to experiment with a Monday night game in 1964 with an untelevised game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions, which drew the largest audience attendance in Detroit at the time. According to Lewis (1998), “He invented (with ABC Sports chief Roone Arledge) Monday Night Football, which is the second longest running prime-time show on American television, after 60 Minutes” (p. 1).Although Rozelle experimented with Monday Night Football 1964, it did not take off until after the merger with the AFL. According to Carter, “TV ratings continued to spiral upward, and in 1970 the league certified its appeal with the debut of ABC 's Monday Night Football …., took the gamble and watched it succeed beyond all expectations” (p. 3). Today Monday Night Football is one of the most anticipated sporting events each week, and it all began in 1970. According to Hofheimer (2012), the NFL implemented“…twice the number of cameras normally used during game telecasts, as well as replays and graphics” (p. 1). The way that Monday Night games were presented was revolutionary at the time, it was common to have one maybe two commentators for the broadcast. But on Monday Night Football Rozelle wanted to try something…

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