Analysis Of Persepolis Marjane 's ' Persepolis ' Essay

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In the book Persepolis Marjane had to go through a lot of hard things at a really young age. She had to face many difficult circumstances that marked her childhood life. The death of her uncle, the way she was forced to use a veil, the different social economic status, and the war that was going on in Iran. In the book we would see that Marjane was in a country where she would see violence almost daily. Marjane innocence was destroyed by many experiences that she went through as a child, as the differences among social classes, death, and how she was affected by the violence that was occurring.
Marjane did not know about the different social economic status that exist in her country. For her, social economic status did not matter, but for her family it did, since she was from a wealthy family. Marjane’s maid Mehri was from a low income family and she fell in love with the neighbors’ son. When Marjane father found out that she was writing letters for Mehri he had to explain to Marjane, “You must understand that their love was impossible. Why is that? Because in the country you must stay within your own social class” (Satrapi, 37). Marjane had to understand at a really young age that social class was important and that people had to stay within their social economic class, this was the beginning of her childhood being vanished.
Marjane at one point of the book saw torture as a common thing since she had seen it and heard about it in the news and with conversations with her…

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