Analysis Of ' Persepolis ' By Marjane Satrapi Essay examples

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The Islamic Revolution began in the year of 1979 and it caused many of bad changes in Iran such as no freedom, bilingual schools were shut down, girls and boys did not go to school together anymore, and girls were now expected to wear a veil. Persepolis is a graphic novel written by Marjane Satrapi that gives readers an inside on her life as a child during the Islamic Revolution. In Persepolis Marji is ten years old and is starting to learn that life can be hard when your country is going through a corrupt revolution, Marji starts to develop passion for what she believed in, a stubbornness, her own opinions, and starts making her own decisions whether they are right or wrong. Marji is very passionate in Persepolis she is very determined to help make a difference during the Islamic Revolution and to let everyone know of her opinion. Marji loves her parents and is proud of them and is happy to have them but at times it seems like she is disrespecting them because of her passion to make a difference. “Marji: I want to come with you tomorrow! Marji father: Where? Marji: To demonstrate on the street! I am sick and tired of doing it in the garden. Marji father: it is very dangerous. They shoot people. Marji: for a revolution to succeed, the entire population must support it. Marji father: You can participate later on. Marji: Sure, sure! When it’s all over” (Satrapi 17). Marji is not trying to be disrespectful, but because of her passion for making a difference during the Islamic…

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