Essay about Analysis Of `` Perfume `` By Patrick Suskind

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The setting of story can often be overlooked as merely the place in which the characters of a story live in, work in, exist in, etc. Again and again, authors employ the setting to give context clues of the world in which their story takes place, helping the reader understand cultural and time period specific minutiaes of the story. Nonetheless, Patrick Süskind engages the setting in a more literary fashion, in his novel Perfume. Like similes, metaphors, or recurring motifs, Süskind exploits the setting to comment on the aspects of setting and its significance. In order to assault the judgemental and malevolent behavior of humans, Süskind wields people, specifically defined settings, and their connection or relationship to it. Suskind manipulates the relevance of settings using many different techniques in order to convey his message. People’s connection to where they’re from, or their own personal connection to a place, highlights humanity’s flaw of judge-fulness amongst modern and ancient societies. Suskind takes from his elders of the modern age, and influences of the postmodern era as well, to discuss the temperament of the society using short and blunt sentences of the setting which depict the vile behavior of humans. The comparison of the small, humble town of Grasse and the bustling, overpopulated city of Paris stands as a contrast of “good” and “evil in our world, at least what we say and think it is. Suskind intertwines his underlying message to strike against this…

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