Uncle Tom's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe: Character Analysis

“Perfect love is the most fearful torture”(316). This oxymoron of a statement doesn’t seem to be in terms with what Christians view love as. But this statement doesn’t apply to those who follow the beliefs and ideals of a typical Christian. The main aim is targeted to the complete opposite of characters, one whose entire personality is at a discord with Christianity. For to be in such a state of hateful and sinfulness, the slightest element of love or Christ-like ideals would send them into a state of hostility, of which the only result would be trying to further themselves from such kindness, only resulting in more torment when such events arise again. In Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the character of Legree exemplifies just that, and the development of his sinful soul portrays how the prevalence of Christianity for those of immoral characters serves to heighten their opposition to the Christ-like beliefs.
Through taking us back, Stowe reveals how in Legree the prevalence of christianity becomes an increasing burden the farther one strays from its ideals, explaining how his spiteful attitude
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Stowe uses Christianity as a device that doesn’t directly cause the torment to those sinful hearts, but as something that challenges them by making them put their morals into question, the true terror for those with inconceivably sinful hearts. Stowe’s depiction of Legree portrays the truly good power God has, as well as those who embody christian ideals, since it’s complete opposite doesn’t even stand a chance in the fight. In fact, what we would consider the good side doesn’t even seem to put up a fight, for having such an infernal soul is truly is its own everlasting

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