Analysis Of Percy Shelley 's Poem ' Mutability ' Essay

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Thought his image and emotion filled work, percy shelley expresses his inner battles and thoughts to his audience through his deep poetry. Shelly had a challenging life from the start.At the age of ten,shelly olef the secutity of his home inorder to pursue diffrent aspects of his life.When this wasnt wnough for him,he deciede to enroll at eton where he was physcaly and mentaly bulied.Percy was out cased for his belifs of atheism,free love,polital radicalism and vegitarianism,becuase his family and friedns refused to except his views he was afflicted with constant depression.In the five poems that I analyzed, Percy refected his distress and depression repetativly.”Mutability”,”Song”,”To Night”,”When the Lamp is Shattered” and “Bereavement” are a few of Shelly’s works that depict desoalte tones.Percy Shelly uses literaty decives such as imagery,similes,symbolism,diction,perfonification,tone/mood and much more in his poems to act as gateways from the readers mind to his own morose life.

Percy Shelley’s poem “Mutability” is a four stanza poem that is brimfull of figurative language,imagery and symbols.This poem acts as Percy’s inner contemplations about the human nature,he puts this into writng in order to fully undersand others ,and esentially himself.This piece of writing possesses an optomisitc tone about humanity which is acheieved through the use of literary devices and diction.He uses words like marrow,nought,embrace,endure and modulation to strengthen the depth of the…

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