Analysis Of Percy Shelley 's Lifetime Essay

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During Percy Shelley’s lifetime, he was not a well respected writer, but later he became a model for Romantic Poets. The society during his time period did not appreciate his views because they went against what was expected. He was not afraid to express his beliefs with the fear of society 's rejection. Although he had many criticisms, he still had influential factors in his life that contributed to the themes and stylistic elements of his poetry; the relationships he developed throughout his life were a major contributor to his writings. Shelley was born in August of 1972 and died in a sailing incident in 1822 (Bio Editors). His parents were Sir Timothy Shelley and Elizabeth Pilfold. Shelley was their first child and after him they had five girls and one boy. Shelley’s father was in parliament and he envisioned that Shelley would follow in his footsteps, but as Shelley went to college he slipped away from his family’s wishes. When Shelley went to Eton college he gained liberal views and started to read the works of Thomas Paine and William Godwin. During his time in college he even abandoned religion and began to doubt the government. After his time at Eton college Shelley enrolled into Oxford, where he was expelled with his friend Thomas Jefferson Hogg. They were expelled for writing a pamphlet on atheism, The Necessity of Atheism (Means). They were expelled because the school did not agree with the meaning of the pamphlet, which is “the mind cannot believe in the…

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