Pepsi's Use Of Testimonial Advertising

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Pepsi and Diet Coke use testimonial advertising through visual images, colors, verbal messages, and font size. Also it uses One Direction, Drew Brees, and Taylor Swift to get consumers to buy their product. Testimonial advertising, is described when an advertiser uses a public figure to promote their product. Visual images, are described as something that goes on an advertisement that help promote the product. Colors, are described in an advertisement to bring out light or darkness that a consumer would notice. Verbal messages, are described as anything written on the advertisement (e.g., a slogan). Finally, font size is described in an advertisement by how big or small the print is. In this essay the two advertisements will be tied together …show more content…
The colors in the Pepsi advertisement are bright to show that Pepsi will make you feel bright and happy. The Pepsi advertisement uses visual message, “live for now” to say that drinking a Pepsi will make you live in the moment. When using celebrities the examples, Pepsi uses are, One Direction and Drew Brees. Both will bring in different types of audiences that will drink Pepsi. For example, One Direction will bring thousands of screaming teenage girls who would do anything to drink the same product that their favorite band member is drinking. Drew Brees will bring all the football fans in America who like the Saints. Pepsi gets consumers to buy the product by saying, if One Direction or Drew Brees is drinking it and it is making them live in the moment than consumers should too. The bright colors will again lead the consumer to think that Pepsi will make them happy, maybe after a long day at work. Bright colors also catch the viewer 's eye when walking by. If no one has ever had Pepsi before seeing the advertisement over and over again will make the consumer will want to try Pepsi and know why it is so good! Pepsi’s verbal message “live for now” gets consumers very interested in how. Which raises the question, how does Pepsi make you live for now or live in the moment? Maybe if they drink the product the consumer will do new things they have never done. In the Pepsi advertisement the font size is in big bold letters. A big bold font size that is in someone’s face, really attracts the eye the of a consumer when seen in a magazine. All in all, Pepsi can really attract consumers to buy their

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