Analysis Of Paulo Freire 's ' The ' Banking ' Concept Of Education

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"The formula for this is as such; here is a list of all our U.S presidents thus far." Memorization after memorization. Paulo Freire expresses his view about our current education system in his essay, "The 'Banking ' Concept of Education", and points out its many flaws. He classifies the education system to be that of a "banking" system. Banking education refers to the learners being mere containers or vessels waiting to obediently be oppressively "filled" or "deposited" with information by their educators, the oppressors. The students, the "inanimate objects", are merely accepting and memorizing whatever content the teacher throws at them. Paulo Freire proposes an antithesis method that is based on reciprocal education in which he calls, the "problem-posing" method. Students evolve from playing a passive role ("mere objects") to a more active role in an academic setting; they have the opportunity to share their views, engage in critical thinking, not only learn but teach one another (even teaching the teacher), produce their own theories, and challenge existing ideas. The problem-prosing concept promotes teamwork between the students and the teachers to gain a better understanding of the world and the people living it. Unfortunately, a very good majority of my academic life, namely my middle school years up to my high school years did not fall short of abiding by the "banking" concept; I was a mere "container" waiting to be filled up. This has been counter-productive and…

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