Analysis Of Paulo Freire 's ' The Banking ' Concept Of Education

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Many feel education is the root of oppression. Some feel it is not the only institution in which oppression occurs. Paulo Freire presents society being dominated by a constant struggle between two opposing forces. He talks about how students are essentially being oppressed by teachers whose goals are to maintain society how it is, rather than encourage students to think for themselves, which would alter or re-create society. He presents his main argument about education in his chapter, The “Banking”Concept of Education where he expresses the power relations between the educators and the students.
Paulo introduces his audience with his main points in education. He addresses an informed audience and makes it apparent in his writing about the oppressors and the oppressed. His central point of the chapter has to do with conflict, conflict between the oppressors and the oppressed group. His whole idea is based on opposition, because it is essentially this conflict of education that creates oppression.
Feire presents examples of dominance to support his argument about oppression. He uses many examples such as “The teacher disciplines and the students are disciplined” and “The teacher chooses the program content, and the students (who are not consulted) adapt to it” (Feire 258), which shows that teachers resemble oppressive and dictatorial attitudes. He furthers explains by indicating that students are expected to adapt and not challenge anything with their own opinions. They…

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