Analysis Of Paul 's ' The Case Essay

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Analysis of Paul 's Actions in the Story Paul 's Case

The case of Paul presents many complex angles that may have affected Paul in ways that are difficult to determine, such as his upbringing, family life (or lack of), time period, sexuality, and others. Paul developed an unhealthy relationship with art, to the point of obsession. An unrelated, but no less destructive view of money fused with his art addiction to eventually lead to Paul 's downfall. These two independent problems are not unusual (especially concerning money), but they may have been fused together by Paul 's struggle with his sexually in a non-accepting time period.

Paul has a relationship with art strikingly similar to the relationship a drug addict has with his drugs: eventually nothing other than the drug matters. Paul struggles in school because in his mind, the subject and teachers are inferior to the art he sees in Carnegie Hall. He enjoys listening to music and looking at paintings, but does not feel the same appreciation for books. As the narrator states “ as for reading the novels that some of his friends urged upon him--well, he got what he wanted much more quickly from music” (Cather 9), as if books are a less potent form of the “art drug” that no longer provides the stimulus he needs. Paul also suffers from the characteristic “downs” after the drug high; after experiencing what others would see as an extremely enjoyable and uplifting evening, Paul “was always irritable and wretched…

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