Analysis Of Paul Rapske's Article Review: How Did Paul Cope In Prison '

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Rapske’s article begins with an introduction to the topic of the paper. Rapske states that his purpose is to answer the question, how did Paul cope in prison? In the introduction, Rapske makes clear that the answer to this question is that Paul was able to cope because he received help from a variety of friends during his imprisonments. Rapske then begins to describe the different types of helpers, and what motivated them to help. Rapske states that there are four different types of motivation. The first is affection for the prisoner. The second is a type of motivation that has a political or moral aspect to it. The third is a motivation that is philosophically or religiously based. The last type of motivation could happen because the helper …show more content…
The first weakness was the readability of the article. At certain points, the article used a few different Greek words to define the different ranks of Roman officials. These words were not well defined in English, and so it was hard to get the full meaning of the article at those points in the article. Also, a few sections of the article used obscure historical figures as examples. As I was unfamiliar with many of these people, it lowered my ability to comprehend what the text was trying to communicate in that section. Most of the historical references in the article were excellent, however, there were a few that were slightly too obscure and thus prevented full understanding of the article. The second weakness that the article had was the order of material in the article. The article started by explaining the help that three individuals had given to Paul, but interrupted this explanation between the second and third individual. The article explored other aspects of the topic, before finally returning to the third individual’s influence on Paul. Although this is a minor weakness, it did throw me off a little bit as I was reading the article. In conclusion though, these minor weaknesses in no way detract from the overall strength of this article as an excellent

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