Analysis Of Paul Pain 's Article ' Two Years Of Free Community College '

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In Paul Pain’s article “Two Years of Free Community College” tells about President Obama’s proposal to make community college free for two years for students. This would provide a higher education to be more accessible to people who want to further their education. Pain quotes Obama, “To make sure that community college was accessible to everyone…free for everybody who’s willing to work for it” (Para 2). The plan was based upon Tennessee’s Promise, where ninety percent of its 60,000 graduates from high school from 2013 were signed up by the state for a new scholarship for community college (Pain para 7). The America’s College Promise would consist of the federal government paying seventy-five percent of the average cost of community college and the states that participate would cover the remaining twenty-five percent of the tuition balance (Para 3). Also, there would be some requirements students would need to meet in order to actually be able to attend for a two-year institution for free for a couple of years. Students who enroll in a community college have to be at least a part-time student, maintain a 2.5 grade point average, and show a “steady progress” towards finishing their major (Pain para 11). But, who would benefit from President Obama’s proposal and who is affected? Although the proposal is a good idea, there are still some flaws that would allow making community college accessibly free for two years.
Firstly, if students were to attend community college…

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