Essay on Analysis Of Patrick Henry 's Speech

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Casos and tensions building all around America 's, Patrick Henry gave his speech, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death,” 1775. At this time Lexington and Concord was only weeks away from starting the first battle between colonist and Britain, all of these emotions were brought by colonist no longer wanting to feel inferior to Britain. Although Americans may feel that they will be enslaved to Britain, that is not the same as actual treatment African slave receive. Patrick Henry compares American 's to slave because of British rule over America and felt that everyone should fight before this “rumor” becomes a reality. African slaves are forced to do work that normal colonist would not do, they live in more poor housing condition, treatment by masters are gruesome and sickening. As for Americans who feel "enslaved" by Britain is really metaphorical thing because Britain just wants them to pay for taxes and to follow their countries rules. Slavery was not exposed to most countries until the 1700’s, when slavery eclipsed indentured servitude. Indentured servitude is when a person of any race works for another person for a certain time period, during the 1700’s most people were doing this in exchange for transportation over to the “New World.” The condition for indentured servitude was different than African slaves, African slaves were their owners property and could not live elsewhere unless they were freed or escaped. Slaves were not allowed to read, write and spent everyday in…

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