Essay about Analysis Of Pat Barker 's Novel Regeneration

1960 Words Sep 12th, 2016 8 Pages
By the time World War I had finished, there had never been a war as large or catastrophic as what had just occurred. One of the main questions though, as time began to separate future generations from what occurred, was how would the events and the people who fought in the war be remembered. When examining within the confines of Britain how these figures were memorialised, there have been a number of different approaches used, such as modern television, novels, monuments, and many more. This essay will focus on two specific formats that accomplish this process. First will be through war memorials and their significance within Britain, both in past and present times. Second, the essay will examine a well known piece of literature, by analyzing parts of Pat Barker’s novel Regeneration. Specifically through relating Dr. Rivers methods of trauma recovery, both from the novel and what actually occurred during the war and what effects these differences have. To begin, one of the primary items used for remembrance in England is that of war memorials. The construction of these memorials began as soon as World War I had ended in the 1920s . Today, their production has expanded to where almost every town within England has one monument dedicated to remembering the First World War . There are a myriad of reasons why monuments became as popular as they have among the population. For one, there was a big desire “to put the dead to rest” . I interpret this desire arising from the large…

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