Analysis Of `` Our Time `` By John Edgar Wideman Essay

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The urban black male undergoes a tremendous amount of hardships. He is attacked by the reality he is faced with day by day, but it is up to him and him alone to overcome these difficulties. In "Our Time" written by John Edgar Wideman, he discusses the downfall of his brother Robby Wideman. Robby Wideman struggles with various hardships such as the urban stereotype, family, and drug addiction. all three of these struggles Robby encountered played a significant role in his demise and is the reason he is who he is today.
Every child imagines being someone special one day. They may aspire to be a doctor, lawyer, actress, or even a ballerina. These career choices and dreams derive from what and who they are exposed to at young age. Robby himself states "Sometimes I thought everybody thought I was just a spoiled brat. I 'd say damn all youall. I 'd think, go on and love those square turkeys, but one day I 'll be the one coming back with the suitcase full of money and a Cadillac. go on and love them good grades. Robby go do it his own way. See in my mind I was superfly" (446). Robby envisioned himself as a man who is flashy and gets "fast money". His perspective of wealth and what a successful black man looks like correlates with the urban stereotype. Robby had already limited himself by putting restrictions on his capabilities because of what he saw. the stereotypical man he desired to be spiritually killed the powerful man he could have become.
A popular proverb says "It takes…

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