Analysis Of ' Othello 's ' The ' Of The Sun ' And ' Lorraine Hansberry 's A Raisin '

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Happiness is something that everyone wants to have. However the road to attaining happiness is filled with obstacles. In Djanet Sears 's Harlem Duet and Lorraine Hansberry 's A Raisin in the Sun, Othello and Walter both struggle to find happiness due to their race, and their fragile sense of masculinity. In the end, Walter is able to overcome those obstacles while Othello succumbs to them.
One factor that hinders Othello and Walter 's ability to find happiness is their race. In Sear 's Harlem Duet, Othello wants to be respected by white people. When arguing about affirmative action, he tells Billie about his experience as a black professor. He says, "Every day I have to prove to them that I can do my job. I feel that any error I make only goes to prove them right. (Sears, 53)" Othello sees white people as the ideal, and wants their respect. However, his white peers believe that he was able to become a professor due to affirmative action, and they lack respect for him. Othello 's race prevents him from getting the respect that he feels he deserves and thus it impedes his ability to find happiness. Furthermore, Othello feels that black women do not see him as an individual. In a heated conversation with Billie, Othello explains why he prefers white women. He says, "To a Black woman, I represent every Black man she has ever been with and with whom there was still so much to work out. The white women I loved saw me—could see me. (71)" Othello does not want to be compared to…

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