Analysis Of ' Othello ' By William Shakespeare Essay

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According to the article written by, William Shakespeare “wrote more than thirty plays” (William…). One of Shakespeare’s most memorable pieces of literary writings is his play, Othello. The story of Othello is an unforgettable classic comprised of constant conflict, intense jealously, continuous lies and enduring love. The perceived level of security in many of the character’s friendships are proven to be false; therefore providing the notion that some friendships are not always what that are made out to be. The conflicts within these friendships appear to be the motives responsible for the twists and turns in this story’s plot. The greatest categories of human conflict in literature that capture the audience’s attention are those involving betrayal, jealousy and love.
The most important component that Shakespeare uses above all in this play is betrayal. At no point throughout the story, is there ever anyone who is not being deceived. Rodrigo plays the role as the betrayer in his attempt to try and kill Cassio. Even though it may have been the right thing to do, Emilia betrays her husband by telling Othello about the handkerchief that she stole for Iago. Othello’s unfaithfulness to Desdemona comes simply by his distrust towards her. This is counted as betrayal, because his distrust is not created by any transgression of Desdemona, but as a result of someone else’s constant lies and manipulation. Desdemona is the only one that seems innocent in this…

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