Analysis Of ' Othello ' By William Shakespeare Essay examples

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‘Othello’ by William Shakespeare has many central ideas and values that overtime have transcended and developed, staying relevant to society today because of their general yet complex nature. The key ideas of the nature of jealousy and an enraged lack of insight and relations with the state have been demonstrated through the character of Othello, a man who eventually let his jealousy, even though provoked out by the character of Iago, get the best of him which eventually leads to the downfall of many characters. Othello’s demise is a direct result of him being too jealous and him occupying the position of a novice within Venetian society. All of these events by nature fit and shape a typical, yet thrilling Shakespearian tragedy.

The idea that jealousy can occupy one’s thoughts so often and eventually clouds their judgement is a notion that is and has been present in society since before Shakespearian times. The nature of jealousy often comes from some sort of implication and then leads to consequences, taking the shape of a cause and effect situation. The nature of jealousy is vast, meaning some individuals tend to take it further than others. In general, jealousy can consume an individual and their thinking. It can cause them to go to large extents depending on the matter, leading one to constantly second guess themselves and the situation. As much as the individual may be fighting with themselves to try and put it out of their mind, it normally always takes over if the…

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