Essay about Analysis Of Othello By William Shakespeare

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Throughout history, women have been oppressed and silenced. The oppression of women began at the start of civilization when a need for a hierarchy arose. Since then, men have almost always landed at the top of that hierarchy. This oppression of women exists all around the world today with societal gender expectations and Middle Eastern women not being able to show any skin in public, among many other things. The oppression women face has become more complex and underhanded as society progresses. People did not begin to challenge the concept of a male dominated society, a patriarchy, until well after the seventeenth century, when Othello was written. In Othello, there are four main character, two of which are female. Both women, Desdemona and Emilia, are married and have lived in a patriarchal society prior to the start of the play. The difference between the women lies in the fact that Desdemona is a newlywed and has not had prior experience with men romantically, whereas, Emilia was married to her husband before the start of the play. As the play progresses, the oppression of the two women increases, despite key differences between the two. In Othello, Shakespeare uses the contrast between Emilia and Desdemona to argue that despite their levels of awareness of their oppression and the ways that they consequently respond to injustice, men will continue to oppress them to different degrees.
Throughout the play, Shakespeare makes it clear that in a patriarchal society, some…

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