Analysis Of Othello By William Shakespeare Essay

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Othello was focusing on trying to please other characters but his cultural beliefs and understanding prevented him from being successful and lead him down a destructive path. Othello tried his best to make everyone like him but with him trying to marry the Senator 's daughter which made the towns people very upset. With him being new and already having a bad first impression people aren 't going to want him here for long. This being Cultural Criticism he 's just trying to please everyone as much as he can. People start to call him racist names and making fun of his body. With him trying to make everyone happy he fails to make sure that the person that really matters is happy. With Othello not thinking with him head he ends up killing the person he loves. “I pray you, in your letters, When you shall these unlucky deeds relate, Speak you shall these unlucky deeds relate, Speak of me as i am; nothing extenuate, Nor set down aught in malice. Then must you speak of one that loved not wisely but too well; Of one not easily jealous, but being wrought, Perplexed in the extreme…” (5.2.18) Othello is all about his image and cares what people think about him. He doesn 't want to die with people thinking badly about him, He wants them to know the truth about him. When he says he is unlucky he means by falling in love with someone (which wasn 't wrong) so he thought but that made everyone wants to exile him. Cultural Criticism has to do with the people, environment, and…

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