Analysis Of Othello By William Shakespeare Essay

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In this work we see that race is a very important factor to the play as it highlights Othello and his difficult journey of fighting within himself and with others. Referencing Othello by his black skin contributes to making the play what it is and to making it so successful. Throughout the play however we see that the term “black” is used in more ways than just describing someone’s race. The factor of race shows the time in history and how race conflicted with many things and complicated situations. Back then, marriage between two people of different races was not even thought of never mind accepted. It is out of the norm and this play captures the struggles their marriage creates. Othello throughout the play struggles and fights with others and with himself. We see Othello struggling right from the beginning with others and as time passes he struggles with himself in finding his own identity and really knowing who he truly is. At the beginning of the play we could see that Roderigo and Iago only refer to Othello as “he” or “him”. As the play continues, he is referred to by racial slurs. As you read you are able to see the transition from more basic references to more racial and demeaning terms. He is referred to as “the moor”, “thick lips”, an old black ram” and “a barbary horse.” Even after using all these harsh words to describe Othello they don’t mention his name until almost the end of act 1. Othello is an outsider and is unaware of some things that are going on…

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