Analysis Of Oscar Wilde 's ' Dorian Gray ' Essays

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In the book Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, there are four types of genius and beauty that affected character’s lives: reputational beauty, superficial beauty, scientific genius, and psychological genius. Sibyl killed herself after abandoning her acting career for the beauty of Dorian Gray, who met her only a few days before. Even Basil the painter is stabbed by Dorian, after trying to help Dorian regain the purity of youth, the reputational and superficial beauty of whom Basil had for himself (in the book’s beginning). Dorian’s mentor, Lord Henry, is famed for his bold philosophical stances, but is unable to be thought of as more than an entertainer, due to his critical views. Alan Campbell had too much scientific genius, passionately dissecting bodies to study anatomy. So much that he is blackmailed by his old friend Dorian to destroy the murdered body of Basil. The key to having a comfortable, social life in Victorian London is to have both Sibyl and Basil’s beauty and Lord Henry and Alan Campbell’s genius. Lord Fermor is a prime example. It wasn’t letting yourself go to beauty or genius, but having a balance of the two.
The blind pursuit of Sibyl and Basil to Dorian’s beauty ultimately ended their lives. Sibyl called Dorian “Prince Charming” (69) and “a god of graces” (69). She even states, “To see him is to worship him, to know him is to trust him” (69), Since she doesn’t even know “Prince Charming’s” first name, the relationship is likely based on the superficial…

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