Analysis Of ' Open Your Eyes ' Essay

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Open Your Eyes In the first chapter, Heinrichs explains that the most important part of an argument is to be able to use rhetoric so the argument goes your way. Heinrichs states that a person needs to persuade the audience in their argument so the argument can go their way. He uses examples from an everyday life to show how humans are easily persuaded like and alarm, a smoke detector, and even a cat. Other tools Heinrichs uses to help get an argument to go your way would be to use seduction, to change the audience’s mood, or chiasmus, which get people to take action and listen to what you have to say. Ultimately, Heinrichs describes the “grand prize” of an argument as the consensus, which represents the general agreement of the audience towards the argument. How would arguments be different if they had to be free from persuasion? Would seduction be a tool used more after this? Can everything in a person’s daily life be considered persuasion? What does Heinrichs mean when he says “Territorial creatures, such as foxes and suburbanites, use complicated signals to mark off terrain and discourage intruders- musk, scat, marriage licenses, footprints, alarm systems... Argument is in our nature, literally.” (page 10)

Set Your Goals In the second chapter, Heinrichs describes how a person needs to set a goal for their argument in order to know how they want the argument to go. There are three goals for persuading people while arguing; stimulate the audience…

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