Analysis Of One Life By Maria Hummel Essay

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Maria Hummel’s poem One Life is a relatively recent poem that reflects on both an internal conflict to keep a strong faith and an external struggle to keep her life together through her son’s death. Hummel uses repetition, imagery, rhetorical questions, and the structure of her poem to evoke emotion and convey a message to the reader. By using repetition, imagery, structure, and rhetorical questions Hummel created a meaningful and personable poem. The Ghazal structure Hummel chose to use in this poem allows us to understand her personal story. One Life can openly be interpreted in many different ways, with the main idea being the authors struggle to believe in God and keep her faith after the tragedy of her son’s death. Both the structure and form of One Life help to progress the tragic experience Maria endures and the inner spiritual conflict she goes through during this time. Hummel’s poem follows the Ghazal form of poetry. The Ghazal is a form of poetry that uses rhyming couplets, specifically between 5 and 15, and a refrain, or a repeated phrase throughout the poem (1). The structure of this poem helps to create suspense and leaves the reader asking questions. The Ghazal is typically an expression of both the pain of loss or separation and the beauty of love despite this pain (1). In this poem, the author is expressing the pain she has from the loss of her son while also referencing the beauty in questioning her faith and becoming closer to God. By doing this Hummel…

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