Analysis Of ' On Not Saying ' I Do ' Essay

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Marriage, what everyone used to assume is the the turning point of one’s life, has now become the not so common fantasies girls have. People’s perspectives on marriage and traditional family value have changed a lot. Dorian Solot, the author of “On Not Saying ‘I Do’”, explains her concerns and thoughts on the concept of not getting married for her whole life in her article. She argues that marriage is just what the society uses to judge a person’s status, not what this word used to stand for, love, for instance. Conversely, the author of “Five Non-religious Arguments for Marriage”, Dennis Prager contradicts Solot’s idea by providing five different reasons and benefits of getting married. Prager is a life believer of the deep meaning of marriage and is convinced that marriage is much more just living together. The two authors represent two very distinct values modern people might toward marriage. While majority of people still consider marriage as an important segment of their lives, the trend is slowing transferring into having the freedom to choose from putting the ring on or not in the Marriage sure has lots of good aspects for people to look forward to, but it does not necessarily mean that not getting married is completely wrong. In my opinion, the idea of Prager is more appealing in the modern society.

Marriage has been around since the very first developments of human societies and people take that into consideration when valuing the…

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