Analysis Of ' Ole Miss Running Back Akeem Judd ' Essay

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Ole Miss running-back Akeem Judd found his way out of his troubled childhood while growing up, playing football. Judd entered South Durham high school in the fall of 2008 with no real relationship with his father. Judd’s mother, Tammy, raised him and his three older siblings by herself while struggling with substance abuse. She often disappeared for lengths of time, leaving Akeem to fend for himself. Often Akeem would go hungry with no household utilities from the lack of work and he would have to stay with teammates when he could. Akeem was angered with his situation and dropped out of South Durham in December of his sophomore year to sell marijuana to provide for himself. After hearing of those events, Akeem’s older brother Mike told him to go back to school to graduate and to keep playing football (Paulling).
Thanks to Mike, Akeem did a 180 degree turnaround. His grades picked up and he was gaining weight from eating regularly. Sadly Mike moved farther away from South Durham, which made taking Akeem to school much harder. Assistant principal Marla Bullock, who was quite fond of Akeem, volunteered to take him in after speaking with her husband with whom neither had kids. The Bullocks became Judd’s godparents. Judd began playing running back for South Durham’s varsity team and performed well enough to draw North Carolina’s attention. A slow start to high school resulted in Judd having a poor GPA which made him have to settle for a junior college named Georgia Military…

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