Analysis Of ' Obama 's English ' Essay example

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Reading Reflection 7 Yes, you know English isn’t the only language, but do you truly comprehend just how many languages are spoken in the world? Within those language, do we really know how many different dialects exist? The articles, “Does Your Language Shape How You Think” and “Obama’s English”, delves into subject of languages and dialects. In “Obama’s English”, Alim and Smitherman probe into speeches given by various presidents. An observation is made to how the speakers’ speaking style changes to reflex the audience. Great deal of emphasis is made by reporters to how articulate President Obama is when he speaks. A reference is given regarding a statement by the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, concerning Mr. Obama’s ability to use the Negro dialect when he wants to do so. What immediately comes to my mind is what the big hurrah about? Doesn’t every author take in consideration who his/her audience will be when they give a speech? President Obama hasn’t been the only one to change his style when giving a speech. The authors tells how Bill Clinton and George w. Bush have spoken in a folks manner, while Gov. Chris Christie and Senator Marco Rubio were known for tossing in Spanish during their speeches. If Christie and Rubio can tap in to their Spanish background, there is no reason Obama shouldn’t rely on the afro American background? Generally, highly educated people are expected to be articulate. All the hurrah about Obama’s speaking ability gives the…

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